Tawai: A Voice from the Forest

The Penan have a word that describes their feeling for the forest, a word that doesn’t easily translate, a relationship that’s hard to describe. They call it: Tawai This is Bruce Parry’s “Tawai: a voice from the forest”, where he explores the deep connection to nature that this nomadic hunter-gatherer community of Borneo have. “What... Continue Reading →

Pharmakon- remedy or poison?

Drugs have been used in our history as medicines, for religious use and a staple commodities. But where do drugs come from? Warfarin was discovered when cows in the USA’s Great Depression were dying of internal bleeding after eating mouldy hay. The organism in the gone off hay was the mould coumarin, the basis of... Continue Reading →

Sapiens versus. Scrubs

“Unpack the question”, the PhD student in our first essay writing lecture tells us. What is the question? Well the question that I now get asked on a daily basis is: “What exactly is medical anthropology?” The answer is… err I don’t know. YET. But this is the path I have now chosen. An unconventional... Continue Reading →

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