Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. I’ll be posting daily this week!

Today, on Monday and all weekI urge you all to look out for and order your green ribbons, which are being worn to open up conversation about mental health.

Look out for green ribbons this week!

For those who missed it, the Mental Health Foundation posted about my hospitalization, including a video from the inside of the psychiatric ward. But along with the downs came the ups, including a whole host of hypomanic symptoms, some of which are quite positive and even comical. I will be describing these in Tuesday’s blog.

Wednesday’s video takes a more serious note. I take medication every day for my condition and this is a highly stigmatised area, even for those who deal with mental illness themselves. I will be demonstrating to you the effort it takes to remember and motivate myself to take these psychotropic drugs day in day out.

I have been invited to review one of the Brighton Fringe Festival’s shows, In Search Of Myself, which depicts a relationship with someone with bipolar. On Thursday I’ll be posting my review up on here.

brighton fringe

On Friday I tell the story of an adventure I went on whilst recovering from a severe episode of depression. It illustrates how exercise, getting out in nature and completing a challenge can all help in healing mental illness.

The theme for the week is STRESS, so as well as describing my symptoms I feel as though I should demonstrate how stress has had an impact on my life. The stress of my job as a doctor worsened my illness and I will be talking about leaving clinical medicine in Saturday’s blog. I also have a video of me walking out the hospital for the very last time!

It affects us all: the theme for the week is STRESS

Finally on Sunday I’ll be celebrating the end of the week by showing my appreciation for all those people who have helped me through my rough times these last couple of years. I wrote a song once upon a time about the lead up to my first admission into hospital that I have been too scared to post, but what better time than as my finale for MHAW 2018!

Although this is a space for me discussing my own mental health, I encourage others to speak out about theirs if they feel they wish to. If you wish to guest blog post anonymously or not anonymously then please get in contact by email, (, Facebook or on twitter.

samaritansSome of the content on here some people may find disturbing. I have found comfort in times of grief and despair by ringing The Samaritans. Do not hesitate to ask for help, there is always someone there.

Finally, to get updates when I post new videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

Have a great week!


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