This is me.

I’m launching a new blog site today in order to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. It runs from Monday May 14th until Sunday May 20th and I am going to be posting every day that week!

I will also be putting vlogs up on my YouTube channel, on a #MHAW playlist. My aim of this is to open up about my condition, my treatment and my life so that I can help end the stigma surrounding mental illness.


The reason I am posting this today is because it is a year ago today that I was admitted to a psychiatric ward. It was there I realised the true meaning of the word “asylum” as a place of safety and this is what I have named my website after. In honour of being hospital free for a year, the UK Mental Health Foundation have kindly posted a blog about the lead up to my admission and a vlog from inside the psych ward.

You can find my Mental Health Foundation story here

And watch my first vlog here:

Mental illness isn’t glamorous. It takes time and effort to heal after an episode and it takes hard work to maintain a stable lifestyle. Blogging and making videos really help me reflect on the ups and downs and I thought it was time I shared my creative outputs with the world.

So please take a look around the site and look out for my daily blogs and videos on Mental Health Awareness week. See you back here then!




7 thoughts on “This is me.

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    1. Sorry to hear that Daniel. It wasn’t all good.. there certainly were some stressful
      times. But I think i was there long enough to use my time there positively and my recovery was thankfully quite quick. Hope you are well now. All the best, Ali


      1. If your recovery was both quick and COMPLETE, then you are one of the few. I’ve been in and out of the system for 17 years, a cycle-process, many hospitalizations and jailings, as well. It was never, as you say, quick, for me. More like an interminable marathon-sprint that never ends day or night.


  1. Well done, Ali. It takes real guts to want to help others straight after you have been unwell. Hope you are better now. You won’t remember me. I met you when you were a little girl (I was teaching where your parents used to). Take care and keep up with your PMA.


    1. Hello nathalie. Wow, how did you find me?? Thank you for your kind words of support and look out for more posts during Mental Health Awareness Week ☺️ All the best, ali


  2. I am a GP in Dublin with a major interest in mental health. Twelve years ago I went to Sydney to learn about biochemistry in mental health. An American scientist Dr William Walsh PhD helped us to use as much as possible of natural products such as zinc, B6, methionine, B12 and Folic acid. Blood and urine tests are necessary and I use DHA lab in USA for some tests. Some medication is necessary for psychosis but many can get off meds for anxiety and depression. That work is popular among GPs in Australia and there is a website at Some American psychiatrists are now involved too. See and read Nutrient Power by Dr William Walsh. Low zinc and high copper cause much grief in women. Most patients are low in serotonin which we can get a fair idea of by measuring histamine. By the way people who go in and out of psychiatric units tend to be low in zinc and also low in Vitamin D. An obscure drug called lowdosenaltrexone has been found to be useful in over 100 physical and mental conditions.It really is an anti-inflammatory drug . . and you can read more at and Best regards.


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